I guess all things take time.

Some things happen without fanfare and this is one of those occasions when a service, long in its inception, has finally arrived at the drawing board…or the whiteboard, in this case. Many friends have advised and supported the development of Young Shakespeares and I’d like to mention a few people who have been pivotal in nudging YS into full wakefulness:

  • Mick Sheldon, who is currently in the throes of a long-held ambition of researching the life of Alan Upwood. He introduced me to Stephen Geenblatt who has played a vital role in rejuvenating Shakespearean studies.
  • Shabana Hussain, my wife, who has, for many years, nudged me towards pulling children into the world of story and guiding them further into form and metre and rhyme and story and characterisation. And a million other things that make stories a craft that is both transformative and thing where all people find themselves.
  • My mother, Amtul Bashir, who first introduced me to reading and who continues to tell me stories that I’ve never heard elsewhere and one day hope to repeat myself…
  • My father, for helping me to find my way to the blank white page and to fill it.
  • To Diké Omeje for taking a chance on me when no-one in their right mind would have…

Zahid Hussain