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Our History

Our first Young Shakespeares® session was a Harry Potter Workshop in the Spring of 2017. It led to a demand for innovative and fun workshops. We combine our love of stories and word games to bridge the space between the imagination and the blank white page.

Since our start, we have expanded the range of our teaching. We cover the full range of teaching English from Key Stage 1 to university level.

 We are developing an exciting partnership with Manchester City Council to inspire more children to read and to write.

our students

We work with all kinds of children. We work with dyslexic children. We work with children for whom English is not their first language. However, we also guide prolific young bards who, until they arrived at Young Shakespeares®, had never felt challenged. We are able to do this, because we make learning English and Creative Writing fun!


Our Mission & Vision

We want to nurture our students to become great writers. We do this by kindling their desire to explore the world of words in a way that will get them reading, writing and using their imagination. We deliver workshops for groups as well as tailored 1-to-1 tuition.

A Word

From our Founder

“As an author and a father, I think it is vital to nurture children in the art and craft of creative writing from the moment that they are born. The love for stories and story-telling is innate and Young Shakespeares strives to use that to inspire children to discover the world of literature.”

– Zahid Hussain


Blog & News

Tips, tricks and more!

English is an amazing language. It has the largest vocabulary in the world and that’s just the start. Plus news from us about what we’re up to.

Made in Manchester Poetry Project

Made in Manchester Poetry Project

A quick question: which European city is home to the most languages? The answer is... Manchester! And how many languages are spoken here? Over 200 languages! This was officially recognised in 2018. And so the project to celebrate the city's linguistic diversity was...

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Location: Longsight Library Telephone: 0333 0119 333 Email: hello@youngshakespeares.com School Hours: Saturdays: 9:30am – 4pm

Non-Discrimination Policy

We pride ourselves on helping people from all backgrounds. So far, we have taught children who hail from 10 different nationalities and taught them in learning the secrets of English.

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