Free School Workshops

Last year, we started the Made in Manchester poetry project. Arts Council England, Manchester City Council and Multilingual Manchester awarded us funding to develop the project further.

A short history of the project

Last year, our founder Zahid Hussain wrote the core poem for the project. In partnership with Manchester City Council, Manchester Libraries and Read Manchester we invited schools and community groups to take part in it, contributing new lines in another language! 

Free Workshops

Since then we’ve added dozens of poetic lines in other languages to the initial poem. Now, we will be running FREE multilingual poetry workshops in schools and at Longsight Library. If you would like us to come and visit your (child’s) school, then email us details and we will draw up a plan with the school!

Our Thoughts on Poetry

It doesn’t matter which language you speak, poetry transcends time, space and culture. From ancient times to the present day, poetry has always spoken to us. Whether you prefer spoken word or page poetry, there is every chance that a perfectly poised line of poetry will speak to your soul.

Rhyme. Rhythm. The pattern of coursing human thought. Emotions. Ideas. A zeitgeist bottled in a few sparse words. Poetry has the power to connect with all of us. Even in the world of social media, a punchline can make you gasp. One word can do it all. That’s poetry.

All kinds of poetry exists. From traditional forms such as the Italian Sonnet to the Villanelle, we can all dip into rich traditions. In other languages different forms exists and English, as a language, has always had the facility to absorb new forms. Haiku, is just one and we already mentioned two in this paragraph! All of us are absorbing all the time an poetry both grasps language and conveys it at the same time.