It’s challenging to get children to read at the best of times, but in today’s world of constant interruption from smartphones, Netflix, PlayStation, we have a lot to compete with. Nagging a child to read also doesn’t help. So what can someone do to encourage the little ones to read a book instead of playing Fortnite?

Here are some tips to help you encourage your child to read.

1. All children love stories. A child might not be reading a book, but the chance of hearing a story is usually too good to resist. That might be the first step you need to take to get the ball rolling. If you are a natural storyteller that’s great. Even if you’re not, reading a favourite book helps.

2. If you’re excited about reading then your child will be excited too. Excitement is infectious. So read with passion and it’ll make the experience all the more worthwhile.

3. Children tend to have a favourite character or story – use that knowledge! That’s just the start. For instance, your child might love adventure stories or one with red cars or dinosaurs. That can really help to build a foundation for reading which will pay dividends long into the future.

4. Don’t worry if your child only reads Diary of a Wimpy Kid or another book you think doesn’t challenge your child. We all started somewhere. And Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a great read. It may take a few years to get to War and Peace, but that journey starts with just a single word. Small steps.

5. You are your child’s greatest and most important role model and if you aren’t reading then make a start. Make a commitment to read to you child, if not every day, then every other day. It’s a great way to bond with your child too and it will help you by reminding you of the stories that populated your childhood.